How it started

Although a young project, NinjaCuba has a story. We share with you the path taken by NinjaCuba chronologically

The big bang

It was the month of May 2016 and Victor M. Moratón Hernández, computer engineer, wrote the final code lines of an idea that had been hanging around his head for some time. I call this project NinjaCuba and was the beta version of a web platform where Cuban professionals could highlight in a profile their technical knowledge, experiences and portfolio of work with the goal of reaching a job.

The dynamic duo

Soon Fabian Ruiz Estevez, an ISDI graduated designer, came to Victor, who became acquainted with his friendship with Fabian's wife, as well as a computer engineer. Fabian loved the idea and quickly began working on the identity, usability and general image of NinjaCuba.

The mantra of NinjaCuba

The founders of NinjaCuba have always had clear one objective of the platform:

The platform should serve as a tool for representing to the Cuban professional, providing a free space where he can highlight his talents, knowledge, experiences and work portfolio.

Launch of official version

On January 1, 2017, the first version of NinjaCuba was officially released, with a fast and growing acceptance by users. Up to the present time the site has more than 300 professional profiles and more than 100 job offers have been published.

The founders of NinjaCuba find themselves every day in the search of solutions and improvements of the platform.

NinjaCuba in Sillicon Valley

In February 2017, NinjaCuba entered the Sillicon Valley and was able to visit and exchange with leading technologies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Airbnb and Uber. In addition to visiting and doing other activities at the prestigious Stanford University.