Frecuent asking questions

In this section we ask the principals questions of users with the hope that you understand our services and vision.

What is NinjaCuba

NinjaCuba is a technological entrepreneurship project aimed at establishing a bridge that communicates Cuban professionals with companies, agencies, work teams, recruiters and with people who want to create, perfect or expand their business to be more productive and more successful in the field labor sphere.

What is the esence of NinjaCuba

It basically consists of a directory of "ninjas" (professionals) where we can see their portfolio, skills and experiences. In other words, it offers information that allows you to select one or several professionals for your project or business.

NinjaCuba offers the opportunity to publish a job offer and that the "ninjas" are the ones that apply for your offer by sending to your user account a profile that is a mixture of business card, resume and promotion of services

On the other hand, by e-mail you can receive job offers, scholarship news and courses that come to the site and are related to your work profile.

What makes NinjaCuba different from similar projects

NinjaCuba is a tool that systematizes information about Cuban professionals and is equipped with advanced search mechanisms. It is the fruit of the work of Cubans residing in Cuba, with all the advantages of who is in the field and knows its market, with all the peculiarities of our country for a professional of the technologies. It is developed by professionals from Cuba, in Cuba and designed for professionals in Cuba.

For those who are thinking NinjaCuba

NinjaCuba is designed to establish labor relations between Cuban professionals and individuals, agencies or companies that require their services.
Cuban groups, companies, teams and agencies will benefit because they can access customers who require their services, promote them, etc.

How can I be part of the "ninjas"

Very simple, you can register on our website and share your experiences as a professional and become a "ninja". Your profile will need to meet some requirements to be visible by employers such as:

• Make a well-written, professional and error-free profile
• Made to measure for what you are looking for
• A real representation of your strengths and abilities

What advantages does it have for Cuban professionals

Promote your attitudes, knowledge and skills in the branch where you are specialized through shaping your resumes on the site. Find work through the offers that come to the system. You can get in touch with the professional community of Cuba..

How to ask more questions

You can write to the NinjaCuba email address: